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Packaging | A for Andrea

posted on
September 17th, 2012
written by
Crafts, Packaging

Have you tried to decorate you packaging design with a letter?! I wanted to try for a long time and now i finally did.
The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a font and size, print the letter you’ll need and cut it out. Next step is to find a decorative paper you’ll like (my favorite ones are pattern papers). Ones you find your favorite decorative paper you’ll need to use a glue to stuck your latter on a thicker paper. When the glue is compliantly dry, cut the letter out of your piece of thick paper. Repeat this with the decorative paper (glue -> dry -> cut), but make sure that the first piece of paper/letter is in the middle, between the thicker paper and decorative paper. I hope I wasn’t to confusing : )

Here is a list of the tools you’ll need:
– scissors
– glue
– thick paper
– decorative paper

Letter A Gift Girl - Packaging

Letter A Gift Girl

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