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Minnie Mouse | Necklace

Minnie Mouse - Featured Necklace
posted on
January 25th, 2013
written by
Jewellery, Necklace

Minnie Mouse: Aw, Mickey! When you play your harmonica, my heart sings! Say, uh, Mickey, why don’t you play some music?
Mickey Mouse: I-Isn’t it about time we were opening our presents? And, uh, speaking of time – What time is it?
Minnie Mouse: Well, I, um – I think it’s time for you to open your gift.
[they both open their presents]
Mickey Mouse: Oh! A case… for my harmonica.
Minnie Mouse: Oh, my! A chain for my… watch. Oh, Mickey, it’s beautiful. But I traded my watch to get you that case.
Mickey Mouse: And I traded my harmonica to get a chain for your watch.
Minnie Mouse: Oh, Mickey! I can’t believe you gave up what means the most to you for me.
Mickey Mouse: Oh, Minnie. You’re all the music I’ll ever need.

Minnie Necklace Ring -Design and berries

Hello Minnie Ring - Design and berries

*Photo by Stefanija Josifovska

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