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Subtle | Inspiration

posted on
February 25th, 2013
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Subtle existence. Subtle, slow and light.

“You are not a name, or a height, or a weight, or a gender.
You are not an age, and you are not where are you from.
You are your favorite books, and the songs stuck in your head.
You are your thoughts, and what you eat for breakfast on Saturday mornings.
You are not where are you from, you are where you are going…” – M.K.

Just keep on floating subtly in the air…

White Room - So Berry Nice

White Window Rays - So Berry Nice

Light On The Wall - So Berry Nice

White Wall Triangles - So Berry Nice

White Wall Angles - So Berry Nice

White Wall Details - So Berry Nice

White Skin Girl - So Berry Nice

Legs Between The Sheets - So Berry Nice

Blonde Braid - So Berry Nice

White Clouds - So Berry Nice

White Wolf Fur - So Berry Nice

White Dandelions - So Berry Nice

White Flowers - So Berry Nice

Beach White Waves - So Berry Nice

White Sculpture Deer - So Berry Nice

*We do not own the rights of the photos in this post. Every photo is linked to it’s source.

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  • Hilary - September 2, 2013 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    Wonderful page; I’m using the photos in my drawing lessons to work on shading and these are marvelous for that. Thanks

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