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Pieces | So Berry New

Pieces Featured Photo - So Berry New
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April 12th, 2013
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We made a video for Paskal & Urban Absolutes!!!

Ok, it’s not that simple… We started with an enthusiasm to try to make something new and different for us. All we had at that moment was the enthusiasm, an equipment and an idea to make a dreamy video. In order to make things even more challenging, we decided to include a live object in the whole story – a model. It turned out that looking for the right model wasn’t that easy, except if you have the right friend for that (Thank You Ana). So, we shot the first piece (scene) and we couldn’t just stop there. Not being aware, we found ourselves with more and more ideas. We got the ideas realized into pieces, and all we needed was the right music to glue them all together. And what could match more perfectly than Pieces from Paskal & Urban Absolutes feat. Aniya Ouu [Sonar Kollektiv]?

We have very strong opinion about copyright, so we decided to ask for permission to use their track for our project. We contacted Alexander Kastner, and we got really positive reaction about the whole project. The next thing that we knew, was this:

Pieces Print Screens - So Berry New

All that we can say at this point is Thank You Alex and the crew for this!
And to everybody else who isn’t into this story, here’s some sneak peeks and the final result of our project. Enjoy!

Pieces Scene 1 1 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 1 2 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 2 1 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 2 2 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 3 1 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 3 2 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 4 1 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 4 2 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 5 1 - So Berry New

Pieces Scene 5 2 - So Berry New

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