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Behind The Scenes | Inspiration

Featured Photo Behind The Scenes - Inspiration
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May 22nd, 2013
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Back in the time when we were leaving the reality for days and hiding behind the scenes. The time where we had our own berry fun, in a place just like a blanket fort, where when you are a little kid you make up your own world, but just here instead we were making up a video (you remember the video for the track Pieces for Paskal & Urban Absolutes feat. Aniya Ouu [Sonar Kollektiv] from our early post). In that time and in that place behind the scenes, we were exactly what we wanted to be, full of freedom, dreams, love and inspiration.

Special thanks to our loved Vladimir Vasilevski and Daniela Jovanovska, who gave us some of their “blankets” to make that blanket fort behind the scenes, and thanks to dear puppy Sheldon who made those blankets feel even warmer :)

Girl Head Up - Design and Berries

Make Up Behind The Scenes - Inspiration

Holding Hands - Design and Berries

Safety Pin Hand - Behind The Scenes

Girl Sitting Thinking - Design and Berries

Shooting Behind The Scenes - Inspiration

Doggy Feeding - Design and Berries

Bear Hats - Inspiration

Making Clouds - Inspiration

Clouds Scene - Design and Berries

Shooting Among Clouds - Behind The Scenes

Make Up Time - Inspiration

Tripod Standing - Design and Berries

Feet In Box - Inspiration

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    Love it…Ех, облаче бело! :)

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