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Little Triangles | Crafts

Featured Photo Little Triangles - Crafts
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May 29th, 2013
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The Triangle has a rich and complex history and has, since early civilizations, been the symbol of the trilogy (or “triad”) that makes all existence possible (Past, Present, Future. Wisdom, Strength, Beauty. Right Speaking, Right Doing, Right Thinking. Affinity, Reality, Communication. Knowledge, Responsibility, Control.). So we’ve made you little triangles that can hold all of your existence and your whole universe. That’s why we called them Universe Holders. They can hold every little or great thing that inspires you, every story, or drawing, design or dream of yours. Here you can design a dream, or draw a thought…

And now it’s time to explore your universe and put it in a shape of a little triangle. Come on let’s do this! What’s stopping you?!

Insides Holder - Design and Berries

Open Your Universe - Crafts

Little Thing That Inspires - Little Triangles

Stories In Shape Of Triangles - Design and Berries

So Many Universes - Little Triangles

Stars In My Head - Crafts

Whats Stopping You - Design and Berries

Everybody has it’s own tiny customized universe that is a part of bigger one that carry them all together. Whether it’s Ana’s, Emi’s or Filip’s tiny universe, you just name it, and we will make it – your personalized universe holder.

Titles Holder - Little Triangles

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